Artwork Template

Logos Template

Your logo artwork should not be copied or of similar shaped graphic or have matched with national and international brand logo. It should your own creative design. No stock or free vector will get approved from admin side. Beware that constant offence will result in your account to be banned, to protect clients and the site reputation.

Use this Template:

Use this attached template design and fit your artwork in this template, give your logo file name and then submit it. Logo template File : Logo Template


Select your category that matches your artwork and place the name of your project with that artwork. Similar to your created property logo, add name to the project which will be the property logo design that will be easy to search for client and help in fast SEO rankings.


File folder may include .jpeg or .png format for preview options, .ai, .cdr or .eps for source files, and for small size .png and .jpeg website formats. You can also add used font in to your logo pack, which will help the client to alter the name of company. Make sure that the color mode of vector file is CMYK.

Paid or Free:

You can submit your artwork either paid or free of cost. The total amount will include portal plus logo cost mentioned by you. You will get final amount mentioned by you.


For SEO purpose, provide brief information of your logo like keywords, subject/ description of logo. That ensures top ranking of your logo in search engines such as Google.


Spam Posting will be terminated without any prior notice

Photos Upload

To upload your stock images in to deBasket follow points to be clear before upload to maintain the quality of the stock.

  • Images should in 300 dpi and enough clear to make quality design artwork.
  • Images should well focused and not faded.
  • Must be original not a mix and matched image with other images.
  • If you have images like background or other texture image you can upload with your own work.
  • Make sure you not upload the violence or nude images, that will be rejected.