Benefits & Guidelines

Buyer Benefits

  • Large collection of master piece stock logos artwork from various designers ensures that you will find a perfect logo artwork to reflect your values and style.
  • Super quick. Find your stock logo artwork. Submit payment info. Download the source file. You can also get it customized if needed.
  • For which you don't need to spend thousands of dollars as compared to your competitors.
  • Once you love the stock logo and the artistic work of designer, you'll receive the designer's contact info so you can continue your design relationship.
  • All the designers stocks are unique download available.
  • You may ask for unique customization of logos artwork.
  • Source files include the vector format so you can use in any application for website and print media.

You just need to follow simple steps mentioned below and there you are in widest stock gallery collection.

  • First create an account
  • Then go through the largest stock gallery of logo, image or artwork and choose the one you like.
  • Just Click the buy (regular or unique) button and pay (PayPal/Credit cards).
  • Download the logo.
  • For customize logo design or other corporate identity elements you can contact the designer (The designer contact information will be exposed once you bought the logo.).
  • You need to have Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or other vector editing software to edit the logo yourself.
  • The purchase price doesn't include major customization costs, only the logo purchase. Small modifications such as text or color will be done for free, if designer ready to do.

Seller Guidelines and Benefits

Make sure to use the attached template file and sample to prepare your logo for submission as the files you have in template.

In order to maintain consistency, each logo is reviewed by our team before it enters the public marketplace. Following is the check list that will help ensure your logo gets approved.

  • Use a fictitious company name.
  • Use the logo template size.
  • Make sure all vector objects are closed.
  • Make sure your logo is unique and created by you. (No stock vectors, free vectors or existing logos can be used.)
  • Make sure to use the CMYK color.
  • Create Outlines of all fonts.
  • Delete any bitmaps and open points.
  • Center the logo on the page.
  • Make the logo fill the page but margins empty.
  • Save your file in Illustrator EPS 8, PSD, JPG, CDR format.

In addition, there are some items that your logo should not include. They should not contain:

  • Personal signatures, watermarks, or copyright notices.
  • Elements, designs, or images that you do not own the copyright
  • Copyrighted, trademarked or patented products
  • Recognizable faces or properties
  • Registered or Unregistered trademarks or trade names
  • Maps or globes traced from copyrighted works
  • Fonts you don't have the rights to use
  • Another artists' work

While our reviewers make every attempt to evaluate logos for these items, the responsibility is ultimately yours. Please keep a record of all works and source references in case of a dispute.

Important Notice: Submitting work that is not originally yours will result in a lifetime ban from the site!


In all over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of creative master pieces logos born and come out from the visualiser brains of graphic designers and conceptualizers.

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Contact us for any question about your stock upload, feedback and suggestion. deBasket team will reply soon after referring your request.

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