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In entire the world, there are hundreds of thousands of creative master pieces logos and nice images - photos born and come out from the visualize brains of graphic designers and photographer. The client selects only one or two for their brand and rest of unique and brilliant creative work get discarded that in turn lays as dead e-stock in their respective database.

For any company or even a start up firm, to get logo created by hiring n agency and get designed needs time, money and energy to spend. Logo is more than just an icon or a symbol as it represents your company's identity.

deBasket have a largest platform of great logos that represent the uniqueness of your product or service. Design is the silent ambassador for your brand and we provides the logo store offering creative, high-quality and affordable logos for download.

Here, anyone can submit their creative work for consideration and liking on items is open for all. The gallery will feature the best among all recipients.Photographer also can create the online portfolio for stock images and they can earn from selling the stock images.