• Is my profile appearing in open market place?
    Your profile information is for public view. We wanted to allow you to separate your existing business with the work you do for deBasket. The only information the public will see is your username, biography, uploaded stock logo, images or artwork you're selling. Do not add any personal information that you don't wish to show to the public.
  • Will I get more leads for my art work?
    Yes. Customers who bought your stock logo will be able to see your contact details so they can contact you for further work on the identity. Therefore, you're not only getting paid for the logo purchase but will get leads for more business too.
  • Can I resell and unique sell my stock?
    You are uploading your stock in to deBasket.com that means you are showing your profile and stock to public. All the stock is either free for sell (option available while uploading) and in selling stock it is you can add with reselling cost and unique purchase (unique purchase coming soon).
  • How can I keep track on my sales?
    You can monitor your sales in the "My Uploads" section of your member area. The member area is accessible from the each product right-hand side it is displayed to you to sell and view.
  • Which references can I use for designing?
    You may use your own artwork to base your logos on, but you may not use someone else's. This includes photographs, 3D renderings, sketches, illustrations, or scans from any published or unpublished source. The end product should be vector graphics. Do not include any bitmap in your submissions.
  • Can I share my stock on facebook wall?
    Yes, with each logo detail page have facebook sharing, comment option, by that you can share your stock logo, images and artwork to share in to facebook wall. And also user can also comment on your stock work too.
  • Why only deBasket?
    We provide you one stop solution for promoting your stock logo and images showcase to online market place, when you can create visibility of your profile as well as you can sell your stock log and images-photos.
  • Receiving all the copyrights related of logo means?
    In the case of unique purchase, the moment you purchase a logo, you own it. You have bought it from the designer. It's no longer his or hers. It's no longer available on the site for others to buy. The designer cannot sell it anywhere else. You have complete control over the logo's publication, distribution, and reproduction.
  • How can I pay through for stock download?
    Options such as PayPal and credit cards are available. Credit card transactions are processed through PayPal, but you don't need your own PayPal account to pay by credit card.
  • Which formats of logo artwork get in download?
    You will receive the logo stock in EPS and PNG format. EPS is a vector file format that can be opened and edited in programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and PNG opens in any image application.
  • What if I want specific logo that is not avail in website? Can I submit a design request?
    Definitely YES! You can contact thorough contact form with your logo design brief; we will spread this in to designer community and interested client with give you cost to work for your logo project.
  • How big stock images get in download?
    It is sufficient big to work for brochure and any design material.